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Insights is forward thinking and fast growing marketing software and consultancy firm. Serving the medical, veterinary and animal healthcare markets since 1996, Insights is active in 15 different countries.

Insights expertise turns your data into business intelligence and helps you make intelligent use of your customer relationship management (CRM) and sales information systems.

The Insights team mission is to manage data and marketing information for healthcare and veterinary industry decision makers: to help them take appropriate action.

Insights Services

Insights offers a range of high quality business tools:

Vision The Power to Perform

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that delivers data accurately and on demand. Vision is a bespoke system that can be configured to meet your business needs. Read more about Vision

Viewer Putting Vets and Brands in the Picture

An innovative solution for benchmarking veterinary practice and product performance. Find out what products are being used, in what quantities and compare your practice or product with all participants. Read more about Viewer

VI Data

Veterinary industry insights. Written by industry experts, identifying and explaining trends as well helping you see the complete picture. Read more about VI Data

Business intelligence will help you to improve sales and marketing performance. In our Insights CRM blog we share insights into what we do and the industries we work in. We provide in-depth explanations of how to use the sales information you’ve collected to improve results. We explore our products and services. We provide sales information and CRM help and advice.

Your customer is at the centre of everything we do for you – if you understand your customers’ experiences and can interpret the data collected then you’ll have business intelligence.

Insights: data that means business.

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